This is design and music thats been made, compiled or recorded by Dead Brain.

Cry Parrot Compilation 3

The promotions collective Cry Parrot is a labor of love and one I've been happy to help out with more and more since meeting main parrot and big dog Fielding Hope a few years ago. We put together a new compilation which was launched last Sunday, thanks to all those that came down, big ups to all those that danced to Divine's Alphabet Rap and all that Carimba Funk. Shame I didn't have TLC's No time.

The compilation is available via Winning Sperm Party. The pant wetting tracklist is below:

1) Shot Down You Summer Wannebees - Adam Stafford -
2) A Ritual - Prayer Rug
3) Gumbo - Gummy Stumps
4) Goodbye To All That - Small Scale Collisions
5) Know The Letter Know The Language - Fur Hood
6) Sprayed with Blood - Galoshins
7) Avocado Dream Triangle - Ben Butler & Mousepad
8) Contact High - Blue Sabbath Black Fiji
9) Ladyfingers - Ultimate Thrush
10) Oatcakes Oatcakes - Wounded Knee
11) Paris - Streets of Rage
12) Sunday (afternoon) - Tangles
13) Memory Circle - Cheer
14) Street Juice - Eternal Fags

Mixtape // Ice Cream Anchor

For anyone staying indoors listening to records this summer, you make my heart beat, but I've spent a few days inside picking out some sweet jams so you can put it on your system and spend at least 35mins outside. If it rains, I hope you don't get sprung by a double arc rainbow and ball it like a daft hippie.

Ice Cream Anchor
beats // crunk // dub // disco

1) Today - Jefferson Airplane
2) Anchor Records - Paul White
3) Konotakosu Yaro - Dizz1
4) You Don't Know Michelle - OMG Michelle
5) Flight Delay - The Afrikan Space Program
6) Hard Boiled Babe - Lizzy Mercier Delcloix
7) Your Words Matter - Midland & Ramadanman
8) Perfussion - Lil Silva
9) Dem a Pree - Mr Lexx
10) Crazy (Cryptical Remix) - Arrogance
11) Invert (Parce que Edit) - Discodiene
12) Life of a Scholar - 3 Titans
13) Pressure - Pursuit Grooves
14) She's Acid - Funkineven
15) How Does It Make You Feel - Africa Hitech
16) Let Me Drive Now - Helixir
17) Actual Pain - Greena
18) El Presedente - Headhunter & Djunya
19) Shallow Tears (Teengirl Fantasy Big Room Mix) - Light Asylum
20) Starfox - Kuedo

Subcity Soundclash #2

Second time round for Subcity Soundclash, and our latest batch of noise-weirdos aim to do things a little differently. Whereas 'Clash of the Bawbags' brought you the station's premium dance instigators and a visual display to match, 'Clash of the Freaks' promises a sensory assault as these spot-lit sonic bastards push the limits of your human ear drums and eyeballs with individual aural fits and a six-way improvised noise jam.

Performing in an open circle lay-out in the neo-gothic surroundings of the University of Glasgow's Concert Hall, Subcity invites anyone stupid (or brave) enough to come along to wander in-between banks of effects, loops, hypnotic metal, audience interaction, synthesizer manipulation, vinyl experimentation and guitar shredding from

Vickie McDonald
Lewis Scarecrow
Concrete Broner
Robinson Dadson
Splashy The Blame-Shifter
Harry Parlane

The recording is up on the Subcity Soundclash page.